New Website Software

We have new website software. The name of this software is WordPress and it is a type of software called a content management system (CMS). Most modern websites are now built using a CMS like WordPress. Our previous website was entirely written in HTML, the main language of the web. Writing HTML takes a long time and is fairly difficult to do. That means it is hard to make changes and new additions.  This new software will make it much easier to add new pages, menus, and blog posts.

Website Redesign

After installing WordPress, I spent a a number of weeks migrating the the old site information to the new website. Now, we can place news and other announcements on the front page as blog posts. In addition, the website now has new graphics, a new menu structure, and a new calendar. Furthermore, the front page has a “donate” button and a link to the new Facebook page that Bob Menard created.

We Now Have a Responsive Theme

A theme is the overall look of the site and this makes a very important impression on visitors. With hundreds of WordPress themes available, installing a new theme is relatively simple. This will make it easier for us to change the entire look of the website. We can switch to a new theme with only a few changes. Changing the look of a site in the past would have required us to make many small edits in different files to do the same thing. This theme is also responsive. That means that it should scale itself and do something smart on any screen size. Try it out on your phone.

A New Events Calendar

Here is a little more info about the new calendar. It’s under the “Events” menu. There is a separate “Add Events” item in the “Events” menu that allows anyone to add a new event to the calendar. A site editor will then have to approve these new events before they actually appear on the calendar. This is to prevent ads, other spam, or anything that is inappropriate. Events should be blacksmithing or at least metal work related.  We will have to see how that works out.

We have more to do. This is still a work in progress.

Let me know if anything is broken or seems to be working strangely.


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  1. Any word on the fall meet yet. I have been asked to do even more demo’s and need to work around the date for the fall meet..

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