We Are Holding Our 2017 Spring Meet on June 2-4


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The 2017 Spring Meet is being hosted by Taffy Case and Ed Grove at the Fryeburg Fairgrounds in beautiful Fryeburg, Maine. Joel Tripp and his crew will be the featured demonstrators. Over the last twenty plus years, fair visitors by the tens of thousands have been through Joel’s Blacksmithing shop at the fair. Quite a few smiths got their intro to forging iron from Joel and his team.

Joel Tripp, Blacksmith
Joel Tripp

Ed Grove and Joel Tripp have had similar career paths. Both attended the University of Maine, College of Forestry and worked in the wood industry for many years while blacksmithing on the side. They met when Joel was called to look at Ed’s woodlot in Brownfield. In 1991 Joel trained with Ed. Joel built a shop that spring and has operated a blacksmithing business and forestry consulting/logging business at the same time ever since.

Assisting Joel at the demonstration forge will be his daughter Dana and son Forrest. They will begin the demonstration forging a cross pein hammer and tongs. The rest of the demonstration will have a forestry and farming theme. Camp axe, pulp hook, pickeroon, wood chisel, hand adze and garden hoe. Sunday they will forge a ring and staple for an ox yoke as well as bow pins.

Dana Tripp, Blacksmith
Dana Tripp

Joel became the lead smith at the Fryeburg Fair Farm Museum Blacksmith Shop in 1996. Since then Joel and assistants forge farming, forestry and blacksmithing tools and equipment for eight days each fall. This is a working shop designed for demonstrating with a large indoor viewing area.

Joel’s website can be found at: www.tripphammer.com

Thank you to Taffy Case for the preceding information!



Click here to download the full 2017 NEB Spring Meet info


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