Nu Iron Age

Here’s a very interesting opportunity for some of us. It’s a forged art show in New Orleans called “Nu Iron Age”. Rachel David & Zach Lihatsh put this show together. Nu Age Iron is in New Orleans on May 24th-27th and the entry deadline is May 21st. For $35, you can enter up to three works of art. You will need to register with something called Cafe. Registration on the site is free.

You will need at least one and at most two very high quality photos of each piece. Have a professional shoot your photos if you don’t know how to do decent lighting with a proper background. Standard shop photos are not going to cut it for something like this. If your photos aren’t good enough, your entry won’t be accepted.

Call For Entry

The call seems pretty open ended as far as what they are accepting:

“Work must be produced from forged steel, contain some forged steel or reference the process of forging in some way. Other materials may be incorporated or used in the work submitted. Entries must be the complete work of the submitting artist. Kits or commercially designed works will not be accepted. All work must have been completed within the past two years (2014-2016).”

Here’s the call for entry link:

Listen to the interview with Rachel on Blacksmither Radio for a better idea of what kind of pieces are likely to do well. I get the impression that if you are thinking about entering something functional, that it had better have a very strong “Art” component.

Rachel David

Did you get to see Rachel demo at the Delaware ABANA Conference? She seemed pretty creative and serious about her work. If you didn’t, take a look at her website for an example of her art.

Rachel’s website:

Rachel’s business Facebook page:

More Info On Blacksmither Radio

For more about this show, listen to this Blacksmither Radio podcast. Victoria Patti interviews Rachel David and they talk about the details of this the “Nu Iron Age” show. Here is a link to that episode:

Note: So far, I see no publicity for this event other than Blacksmither Radio. You may want to do more research about the status of this show.