Two Major Fires

Early this Spring, two different well known eastern Blacksmiths had major fires which destroyed their shops.

Steve Bronstein’s Blackthorne Forge, in Marshfield, VT, burned down in late march. Here’s an article about it:

Jonathan Nedbor’s forge and house, in Alligerville, NY, burned in late April. Here’s more info:

Make A Donation

Both Blacksmiths have GoFundMe pages, links to which can be found in the news articles. However if you would like to donate as a member of New England Blacksmiths, you can do so through the “Donation” button that I have set up on the right side of our webpage. Steve and Jonathan will each receive a list of those of you who donated, your address, and the donation amount (divided by half, since they are each getting part of it.) If you want to remain anonymous, say so in the notes area when you make the payment.