Click here to download the 2017 NEB Fall Meet document

The NEB Fall Meet will be held Sept 15-17 at the Goshen Fairgrounds, in Goshen, CT

Camping and camper space will be available. The fairgrounds has bathrooms and showers. There are some inexpensive motels in nearby Torrington, CT, and some nicer ones in Cornwall Bridge. There are several local attractions for family members not attending the meet.

Dick Sargent Will Be The Demonstrator For The Meet

Dick’s demo will be a mixture of detailing and tooling used for the finer points of railing , gate and grill work. Subjects will include, scroll endings and jigs, blind rivets and tooling, along with mortise and tenon tooling and a unique and efficient way of making angled tenons to name a few.

Dick plans that all of this will be interspersed with much discussion and questions from participants which will expand this demo’s range.

About Dick Sargent

Dick has been blacksmithing since 1971, and is currently teaching at the Adirondack Folk School, and was formerly the Blacksmithing Dept head at the Peters Valley School of Craft in New Jersey. During his career he has been contracted by National Park Service, making hardware for major national restorations, and worked with the Newport Restoration Foundation, in Newport, RI forging hardware and railings for over 50 of 17th and 18th century homes there.

Click here to download the 2017 NEB Fall Meet document