The Fall NEB Meet is Sept 13-15th at our forge in Brentwood, NH. Our demonstrator, Willow Zietman, is an artist blacksmith from Lunenburg, MA. She takes inspiration from plants, animals and fairy tales to make work that is elegant and humorous. For Willow, blacksmithing is about using traditional techniques to create forms that are surprising when looked at up close. Her work is about the details and quirks that make you laugh or smile.

In addition to being an accomplished blacksmith, she is also a welder, glassblower, sculptor, and small‐scale farmer, raising sheep, goats, ducks and chickens.

Willow is an instructor at The Steel Yard in Providence, RI, and Prospect Hill Forge, in Waltham, MA. She teaches everything from beginner courses to asymmetrical, bowtie welded, Viking axes.

Click here to download the full Meet PDF document

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5 thoughts on “NEB 2019 Fall Meet, Sept 13-15th. Our demonstrator is Willow Zietman. On-line Registration is open.”

    1. At our teaching facility in Brent NH. Something else that should be in the post. I will fix that.

  1. What are the dates. Seems like a simple thing to put right out front. Took downloading the pdf to get the dates.

    I know how it happens as you are thinking about it so often it simply slips the mind.

    1. Jennifer, Thanks for the heads up earlier. That was a key piece of info to forget about. I got notification of your post much earlier in the day. I have an app that let me fix the text then, but oddly the app wouldn’t let me approve your comment or reply to it. Doing it now from the computer.

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