For a long while now, many NEB members have used the NEBlist Yahoo email group to communicate ideas and ask questions of the participating membership. Yahoo Groups is shutting down and we will be moving to a new platform, Google’s

As of Oct 28th 2019, Yahoo will prevent any new entries and on Dec 14th 2019, they will delete all content

The Board of Directors has been looking at various options and they selected as the best alternative. Marc Godbout managed the Yahoo list, has done the conversion, and is managing the new Google list. Be sure to thank him and the directors for their work.

All of you who were members of the NEBlist Yahoo Group have been moved to our new email list at If you were a current member of the Yahoo group, in order to send an email to the new group, send to You must send the email from the same address you used for Yahoo Groups.

If for some reason you have not been added, or if you were never part of the email group but would like to be added, go to this page in your web browser and ask to join: