Brentwood Teaching Center

The Brentwood Teaching Center in Brentwood NH, is a great place for those new to blacksmithing or to those who don’t have equipment at home.

You can learn basic skills or try out a new technique. You can show up with a project in mind or some ideas can be suggested by the instructor. This is a perfect opportunity to do that project you always wanted to tackle but didn’t for lack of tooling, space, or an extra set of knowledgeable hands.

The Center is staffed by volunteer members of the New England Blacksmiths. It will be open and staffed one day a month for members to get some fire time. It is open regularly during the warmer weather. The teaching center closes for the winter months.

Brentwood Open Forge Schedule

Second and last Saturday of the month from 9am-4pm.

Important Notes:

  • SAFETY GLASSES ARE A MUST + BOOTS or suitable shoes, pants & long sleeves
  • The cost will be $20.00 for the day. If one’s project includes using substantial resource, ie. considerable steel or expensive fuel gases, an additional lab fee may be assessed.
  • Instructors and forgemasters reserve the right to limit class size.
  • If no one shows up to during the morning of an open forge, staff may leave at noon. If you can only be there in the afternoon, make arrangements with someone in advance.
  • Feel free to bring your favorite hammers and tongs.


The NEB Teaching Center is located just off Rte 125 in Brentwood, NH.

If coming from the South, turn left at The Brentwood Recreational Facility which is 7/10ths of a
mile beyond Rte. 111A in Brentwood.

If coming from the North, The Brentwood Recreational Facility will be on your right 3 miles south of Rte.
101 (Epping Exit).

Contact Info:

Bob Menard
Ball & Chain Forge
56 Warren Ave. suite 106
Portland, Maine 04103-1174