Spring and Fall NEB Meets

General NEB Meet Information (Current meet info can be found here)

For more information about our next meet, look for a post about the current meet on our main page. If there is nothing there, there is no information available, yet.

Slideshow at Morrell Metalsmiths during the 2016 Fall NEB meet
Slideshow at Morrell Metalsmiths during the 2016 Fall NEB Meet

One of New England Blacksmiths biggest educational activities is presenting our spring and fall NEB meets each year. There is no set location for these meets, other than that they are located somewhere in New England. For each meet, groups of our members volunteer to organize and host it in their area. Meets are weekend events. They usually start Friday afternoon and end Sunday and food is included.

Nick Downing tending a forge at the Fall NEB Meet.
Nick Downing tending the forge at the Fall NEB Meet

Spring and Fall NEB Meets commonly include these events and activities (For exact details, check the post about the next meet)

  • Interesting and well known demonstrators. Demonstrators often give a slideshow of their work Friday night.
  • A “green coal” area where you can try basic techniques or things you learned in the demos. Those with no experience are welcome.
  • Some kind of a blacksmithing competition, usually Friday night.
  • Tailgate sales in the parking area. This can be a great opportunity to pick up needed tools, anvils, forges, etc.
  • An “Iron In The Hat” auction Saturday night. (Attendees donate used and surplus tools, books, & other items of interest to blacksmiths. those interested in that item buy a raffle ticket, place it in a cup next to that item, and a winner is drawn from the cup.)
  • Very occasionally, we hold a more formal auction where items of greater value are auctioned of by an auctioneer.
  • Coffee, tea, and donuts or other breakfast food in the mornings.
  • A big dinner Saturday night.
  • Lunch is usually available for purchase Saturday. Occasionally it is included in the weekend price. There may also be a potluck dinner Friday night. These both depend on how the organizers of each meet set it up.
  • Camping is usually available. Again check the specific meet info for details.
Learning new skills at the 2017 Fall NEB Meet
Learning New Skills at the Fall NEB Meet

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2016 Spring Meet, Brentwood, NH

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