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Benefits of joining the New England Blacksmiths

A Great Newsletter

4 quarterly editions filled with stories of recent and upcoming events. Tips from blacksmiths present in New England and from around the world. Other items of interest to those of us steeped in the craft

Bi-Annual Meets

There are blacksmith get-togethers we call “Meets”, one in the Spring and one in the Fall. These Meets are 3-day conferences held around New England and hosted by groups of members for the further promotion of Blacksmithing. The usual format for a Meet is setting up at noon on Friday with lots of opportunities to network and get hammer time with an experienced smith in the beginner work area we call “green coal.” The green coal area is staffed and usually runs through the entire weekend. Friday evening is generally dedicated to a slide show and talk from the featured demonstrator. Saturday is a day of demonstration from the featured demonstrator, who routinely is a nationally known blacksmith. There is equipment for sale in the tailgating area. The Meet features a gallery where members can showcase their work to their peers, as well as a raffle of member donated items called “Iron in the Hat.” On Saturday evening, there is a dinner, our business meeting, the raffle, and a general air of good feelings and camaraderie. Sunday rounds out the weekend with continued demos. We typically start to break down around noon. Be sure to enjoy this weekend immersion in blacksmithing.

Educational Opportunities

Membership also includes reduced cost educational opportunities. There are scheduled events throughout the region, as well as, regular programs held at our teaching center in Brentwood, NH. The Brentwood facility is a timber frame shop with multiple forging stations. There is an open forge event here the last Saturday of every month – except the winter months of Dec. Jan. & Feb. The facility is available to members on weekends when workshops or lessons are scheduled. There are similar events in other areas that may be closer to you, hosted by affiliated groups. They are listed in the newsletters and on this web site..


NEB hosts a group e-mail list with Google that is a great resource. It is an e-mail forum shared by many members. This is a place to ask questions and get solid answers. Looking for a specific piece of equipment, advice on forging bronze, or trying to figure out a finish for a recently completed project? For answers to these questions and many more sign up for the NEB list. As a member, use to send to the group (You must send from the email address you used to join.) If you are not a member, please go to this page in your browser to join:


Another benefit for members is our offer for a reimbursable educational scholarship up to $500.00 to attend blacksmithing classes, of which there are many. See the web site for an application and for more information.

State Representatives

Your State Reps, listed in the newsletter and on the contacts page of the web site, are a great source of information and insight.


At meets you have the opportunity to purchase tools from vendors and other blacksmiths to set up your shop the way you’d like.

Cast Iron Products

The NEB offers Cast Iron swage blocks, firepots, and anvil cones fr sale (to everyone) – Members basically get these items at cost. For non-members, each item is an additional $30.

The Swage Block – member price is $200.

The Cone – member price is $70.

The Fire Pot & the Clinker Breaker – member price $235.

The Tuyere (not pictured) is fabricated, not cast. The price for members is $95.

If you’re attending a meet or hammer in at Morrell Metalsmiths, the Brentwood Teaching Center, or Ball and Chain Forge in Portland Maine – arrangements can be made to pick these cast items up at these points when available. Bob Menard does ship out of his location in Maine. Contact him for more info:

Bob Menard
56 Warren Ave. Suite 106
Portland, ME 04103-1174
or e-mail at:

For more information about membership contact:

Karen Sims
Membership Coordinator
337 Rope Ferry Rd.
Waterford, CT 06385