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Blacksmithing Supplies

Centaur Forge
Phone: (800) 666-9175
Website: http://www.centaurforge.com/

Kayne & Son Custom Hardware, Inc.
Phone: (828) 665-8868
Website: http://www.kayneandson.com/

Morrell Metalsmiths is a buyer and seller of used and new blacksmithing equipment
Phone: (413) 624-1200
Fax: (413) 624-1201
E-mail: artisans@morrellmetalsmiths.com.

Website: http://www.morrellmetalsmiths.com/

Book Dealers

Blue Moon Press
Judy Berger
Blue Moon Road
Huntingdon, PA 16652
Phone: 866/627-6922
E-mail: books@bluemoonpress.org
Website: http://www.newenglandblacksmiths.org/www.bluemoonpress.org

Broom Suppliers

Scheumack Broom Company
P.O. Box 26410
Eugene, Oregon  97402
Phone: 541-338-0502
Fax: 541-338-0503
E-Mail: orders@broommagic.com
Website: http://www.broommagic.com/IFP010/P6.asp


Spark Chart:

Temper Colors:

Chimney Info & Supplies:

Industrial Chimney Company
400 J-F Kennedy
St. Jerome, (Quebec)
Canada, J7Y 4B7
Phone : (450) 565-6336
Fax : (450) 565-6519
Website: http://www.icc-rsf.com/en/index.html

Good reference on Chimney info:

Coal Dealers

Morrell Metalsmiths blacksmithing coal - selling at $37 per 100#
207 Greenfield Rd.
Colrain, MA 01340
Phone: (413) 624-1200
Fax: (413) 624-1201
E-Mail: artisans@morrellmetalsmiths.com.
Website: http://www.morrellmetalsmiths.com

William’s Coal Co
Braintree Mass.
Phone: (617) 843-0415

Black Rock Coal
Route 14 South
East Montpelier
Phone: (800) 639-3179
Website: http://www.blackrockcoal.com

Aubuchon Hardware
The coal is $12.49 for a 40# bag
The SKU or order ID number is 101755

If you are looking for a source near you, go to
Submitted by Bob Phillips & Fred Faller

Drive Belts

Page Belting Company
24 Chenell Drive
Concord, NH 03301
Phone: (603) 225-5523
for a laced belt of leather

Thames Belting Co.
Norwich CT.
Phone: (860) 887-1057
The belt I got was a laminate of two leather strips
with a center of synthetic mesh to control stretching
and greater strength.

Hudson Belt Co.
Worcester, MA
Phone: (508) 756-0090
Just give them a call and they will make it up to your size.

Fire Screen Mesh

Edward J. Darby & Son, Inc. "Pennsylvania Wire Works"
S/E Corner 9th & Dauphin Sts.
Box 50049
Philadelphia, PA 19133-6049
Phone: (800) 875-6374
Fax: (215) 236-9989
Website: http://www.darbywire.com/
Again, great customer service, a large selection of gauge and weave, best price among them. This company has been around since 1800's.
They take orders over the phone with a $50.00 minimum and they accept Visa and Mastercard.
(Wire mesh size .028 diameter - with 8 x8 weave is good for fire screens)


Design Glass Works
Contact: Robert Wallace, Scientific Glassblower
Phone: 860-434-3652
Fax: 860-434-3705
Website: http://www.designglassworks.com/
I thought that some NEB people might be interested in a source for custom glassware
for some of their iron creations, like chimneys for candle holders or chandeliers.
He is the new supplier for our company--(my fulltime work, not ironwork)
Submitted by Dave Hageman

Industrial Suppliers

McMaster Carr
Phone: (732) 329-3200

Grainger - http://www.grainger.com/


Phone: 800-use-enco

Machine Tool Dealers

Phone: (800) 645-7270

Jim Paquette (used)
Phone: (508) 278-2245

Non-Ferrous Suppliers

Atlas Metals – Colorado
Phone: (800) 662-0143
Website: http://www.atlasmetal.com/

Diversified Metals - Monson, MA

Atlantic Stainless Co., Inc.
140 John Dietsch Square
North Attleboro, MA 02763-1028
Phone: (508) 695-6262
Website: http://www.atlanticstainless.com/

Refractory Suppliers

Cutter Northern Refractories, Inc.
Woburn, MA.
(781) 938-8998.
If you check this site, (copy and paste) http://www.anvilfire.com/iForge/ which will bring you to "I Forge" at anvil fire", go to number 148, "Gas Forge Rebuild", you may find what you need. I have just purchased "Kaowool" and "ITC-100" for my 10" diameter forge through information supplied in this demonstration. Dempsey's Forge are the people who supplied this refractory, and was received in a timely manner.

Jay Hayes
C. J. Products Inc.
Phone: (304) 269-6111
E-mail: xmas4lites@earthlink.net
Jay Hayes stocks a complete line of gas forge building supplies as well as ITC-100, ceramic fiber, and several forge and burner kits. He will e-mail you a full list of what he has available and prices.


Industrial Rivet
200 Paris Ave.
North Vale, NJ  07647
Phone: 800-289-7483

R. J. Leahey Company
1475 Yosemite Avenue,
San Francisco, CA 94124-3321
Phone: (415) 861-7161 or (800) 514-4106
Fax (415) 822-2689
This company has no minimum; they are quick shippers and have great size selection (have those 1/8th" so hard to find)


New England School of Metalworking
Phone: (888) 753-7502
Website: http://www.newenglandschoolofmetalwork.com/

Haystack Mountain School, Deer Isle, Maine

Prospect Hill Forge: "The Blacksmithing Classroom"
Classes, Workshops, and Shop Time
Waltham, Massachusetts
Website: http://www.prospecthillforge.com/


Steel Suppliers

General Supply in New Bedford (508) 999-6257

Cohen Steel Supply Concord NH (800) 225-6643

Steel Service Center in Lewiston, Maine (800) 287-8506

Haverhill Steel has New, Used and also has a scrap yard
81 Hale St. Haverhill, MA (978) 372-6900

Mill Metals in Manchester NH 1-800-638-2511 or 1-800-244-7351

Tool Dealers

Brentwood Machine
Brentwood NH
Phone: (603) 679-8452

Brothers Machinery, Andover Mass

Morrell Metalsmiths is a buyer and seller of used and new equipment
Phone (413) 624-1200
Fax  (413) 624-1201
E-mail artisans@morrellmetalsmiths.com.
Website: http://www.morrellmetalsmiths.com/

Grizzly Industrial - quality power tool manufacturer and tool distributor
Phone: (800) 523-4777
Website: http://www.grizzly.com/

Harbor Freight Tools - supplier of less expensive, low to medium quality tools
Phone: (800)423-2567
Website: http://www.harborfreight.com/

Tool Steel Suppliers

Burgon Tool Steel
Phone: (800) 258-7106


Admiral Metals

For Blade & Tool Steels

 4152 West 123rd Street - Alsip, Illinois 60803
PHONE: (708) 388-9600 (800) 323-7055 FAX: (708) 388-9317 E-MAIL: sales@admiralsteel.com



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